The Daily Kos Poll on Michael Mann

The Daily Kos is an American political blog. One of their writers recently read Michael Mann’s new book The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars. This writer was so taken with the book and with what Michael Mann has gone through, that they’ve set up a poll asking others what they think of Michael Mann. It has a number of questions ranging from “is an outstanding scientist” to “should be fired from the university”. Currently a large majority of the votes are for “distorts evidence to prove his point” and “should be fired from the university”. If anyone who reads this has views about climate science and/or about Michael Mann, they could go and vote. The link to the poll is here.

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One Response to The Daily Kos Poll on Michael Mann

  1. What motivated me to write about this is that Anthony Watts posted an item today called Another internet poll goes horribly wrong. He’s now effectively removed this as he has realised that the poll is more than a year old and they had covered it previously (although I must admit finding it funny that he called today’s post “internet poll goes horribly wrong” – does that imply that he thinks the result is flawed in some way?) . At the time of that earlier posting there were a total of (according to some of the early comments) 145 votes. There are now 5380 votes a vast majority for “is distorting evidence to prove his point” and “should be fired from the university”. One could argue that this indicates that most do not feel that Michael Mann is not a hero and is not an outstanding scientists. Others would argue that sites like Watts Up With That effectively encouraged their readers to vote and since they by and large are skeptical of AGW preferentially voted against Michael Mann being a hero. I guess we can’t know for sure, but we can know that the number of votes cast after this was written about by Anthony Watts last year far exceeds the number cast before it was “highlighted” by Watts Up With That.

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