Dangerously low levels of carbon dioxide!

I was going to write something about a recent Pierre Gosselin post on NoTricksZone called Atmospheric CO2 concentrations at 400 ppm are still dangerously low for life on Earth. The post ends with

No one disputes that man’s activities have helped to increase atmospheric CO2 concentration, and it should not be in dispute that plants and life on the planet are thankful that man has done so. At 400 ppm, the planet is a safer place to be and will be even safer at 1000 ppm.

The post does include a few figures from a paper published in 2005 suggesting that some plants grow better at higher CO2 concentrations, but the title of the post and final statement make this post so fundamentally absurd that I can’t really bring myself to spend any more time commenting on it. I guess this makes me lazy but given that they seem to have based their views on a very selective bit of research that doesn’t actually make any claims about what CO2 levels would be best for the planet, I imagine that nothing I say is likely to change their mind.

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5 Responses to Dangerously low levels of carbon dioxide!

  1. BBD says:

    At 400 ppm, the planet is a safer place to be and will be even safer at 1000 ppm.

    Buffoonery. Last time CO2 was at or above 1000ppmv was the Eocene Optimum ~50Ma. GAT was >10C higher than the present and there was no polar ice and no NH ice sheets. Sea level was a tad higher than today…

  2. Precisely. I was going to put more effort into this and point out those kind of things, but really just couldn’t be bothered. Some people are just beyond help.

  3. BBD says:

    I’m confident you made the right decision here 😉

  4. Rachel says:

    I’ve just commented on his post but I can’t see it yet. He’s let me comment before but it usually says your comment is awaiting moderation.

  5. I notice it has now appeared and the pingback from my post is there too. Wonder if there will be a response?

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