Watt about the Tornadoes?

I wasn’t that keen to write about the Oklahoma tornado as it is a tragic event in which many people have died. Anthony Watts’s recent post on Watts Up With That (WUWT) was, however, sufficiently infuriating, that I can’t help but comment.

He compares the recent tornado to one that occurred in 1999, also in Oklahoma, and shows that the recent tornado was not as strong as the one in 1999. Fair enough, but it seems to have been strong enough. He shows some satellite images and concludes by saying

Note the collision of a strong cold and dry air mass with a warm moist air mass was the trigger for this event, “global warming” had nothing to do with it.

What kind of stupid is he? Does he really think that anyone is proposing that there is some process called “global warming” that by itself can cause tornadoes? That somehow “global warming” can cause a tornado in the absence of a collision of “strong cold and dry air” with “warm moist air”. No, I don’t think anyone credible is suggesting any such thing. According to one of WUWT’s nemesis’s, Kevin Trenberth, tornadoes require a “wind shear environment which promotes rotation”.

If anything, from what I’ve read, noone is actually linking this particular tornado with “global warming” – well, apart from Anthony Watts. If you read this post from HotWhopper, which quotes both Michael Mann and Kevin Trenberth, there are no such claims being made. If anything, climate scientists are being quite circumspect and indicating that there is quite a lot of uncertainty. I hope that one day in the future, Anthony Watts will be suitably embarrassed by what he has written in posts like this.

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