Watt about global warming = climate change?

There’s another post on Watts Up With That (WUWT) by Ed Hoskins (who seems to think that he can use the Central England Temperature (CET) as a proxy for global temperatures). The post is called Global warming = climate change. Firstly, global warming does not equal climate change. If you’re not sure why, you can read this.

The post by Ed Hoskins is rather long and, to be honest, I don’t quite get what he’s trying to illustrate. The main issue with the post seems to be that he’s used local records to make claims about global temperature variations. For example, he uses the CET to discuss recent temperature trends and uses the Vostok and Greenland ice core data to discuss past temperature variations. These are not good representations of global temperature variations. England is not the globe, and Greenland suffers from what is called “polar amplification”, so tends to have larger temperature variations than the globe as a whole.

I won’t say much more about this Ed Hoskins post. This is partly because it is so long and rambling, I haven’t quite had the energy or incentive to digest it all. It’s partly because I’m on holiday and can’t quite bring myself write much at the moment. But really, it’s because if you want to know the problems with this Ed Hoskins post all you really need to do is look through the comments and search for those written by Jai Mitchell. Whoever Jai Mitchell is, they seem to actually understand the science very well and typically write comments that make sense and attempt to, quite politely, discuss the science and related data analysis. On the other hand, if you want to know how misinformed most of the other commentators on WUWT are, you can read the responses to Jai Mitchell’s comments.

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  1. Again, misdefinition and misdirection. Global warming my cause climate change, but climate may also change independent of warming (and has in the past as deniers are fond to point out).

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