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Natural gas prices

Matt Ridley has an article in The Times called Green energy could kill Britain’s economy. I will say that I find it quite remarkable that someone who would probably call me an alarmist (for simply accepting the underlying science associated … Continue reading

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Watt about doubling the burn?

Willis Eschenbach has a new post on Watts Up With That (WUWT) called Double the burn – Scotty. In this post he calculates how much we would need to increase our use of fossil fuels in order for the per … Continue reading

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The true cost of wind power

There was an article in the Telegraph yesterday about the True cost of Britain’s wind-farm industry. The article highlighted government figures showing that the wind farm industry received £1.2 billion in subsidies last year and employed 12000 people, hence it … Continue reading


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Economic efficiency

A claim that seems to be made, quite often, by climate skeptics is that green policies are driving up energy prices. In particular, they claim, this is hitting the poor who are now having to pay much more for their … Continue reading

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