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Dana Nuccitelli posted a tweet yesterday about an article called The truth about tornadoes in which he suggested Tornado experts say @RogerPielkeJr and Richard Muller are misleading the American public http://t.co/QQZd3wFjQz via @LiveScience — Dana Nuccitelli (@dana1981) December 4, 2013 … Continue reading


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No trend?

I ended up in a brief Twitter exchange yesterday with Roger Pielke Jr. He had responded to a tweet from Jeffrey D. Sachs with the following Wrong @JeffDSachs Attached figure from paper you (mis)cite for WNP basin (where Haiyan hit) … Continue reading

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The power of data

I watched, for my sins, a new Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) video called Extreme Weather Events & Global Warming: How Good Is The Evidence? To be fair, it was more balanced than I had expected but really just seemed … Continue reading

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Watt about Roger Pielke Jr?

Watts Up With That (WUWT) has a Weekly climate and energy news roundup in which they normally include a quote of the week. This week’s quote is by Roger Pielke Jr and is A difficult question for the climate science … Continue reading

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