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And then there’s physics

Various people have convinced me that it’s worth considering a new blog name. So, I’ve gone ahead and done exactly that (actually, I had set something up a while ago). With credit to BBD (who’s tagline it really is), I’ve … Continue reading

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According to Anthony’s Blog spawn page, he now knows who I am and is considering whether to release or not. He also adds, see about page, which links to my about page. I’m not quite sure why he’s said that. … Continue reading

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Dana Nuccitelli posted a tweet yesterday about an article called The truth about tornadoes in which he suggested Tornado experts say @RogerPielkeJr and Richard Muller are misleading the American public via @LiveScience — Dana Nuccitelli (@dana1981) December 4, 2013 … Continue reading


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Natural gas prices

Matt Ridley has an article in The Times called Green energy could kill Britain’s economy. I will say that I find it quite remarkable that someone who would probably call me an alarmist (for simply accepting the underlying science associated … Continue reading

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The secretive Royal Society

I wrote. a couple of days ago, about Nigel Lawson’s meeting with the Royal Society. The meeting was apparently held under Chatham House Rules. This means that those involved can use the information presented at the meeting but cannot disclose … Continue reading

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