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Watt a somewhat poorly written abstract and introduction?

So, I was going to have a break and stop writing, but clearly I don’t know when to give up. I’ve also just noticed that this will be my 150th post since I started in April. That’s either impressive, or … Continue reading

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Richard Tol and the 97% consensus

I said in my earlier post that I might write about Richard Tol’s publicly stated views on John Cook’s 97% consensus paper. Since then, however, I’ve had a rather frustrating Twitter discussion with Richard Tol that, sadly, ended quite sourly … Continue reading


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Mike Hulme and the 97% consensus

Ben Pile, a writer for Spiked Online who has his own blog called climate-resistance, has a guest post on a University of Nottingham Making Science public blog. His post discusses Andrew Neil’s interview with Ed Davey, Dana’s response, and also … Continue reading

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